We, the Catholic Church of Saint John Bosco, called by Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, nourished by Word and Eucharist, commit our time, talent, and treasure to the growth of God's Reign in our world.

The parishoners were scattered over a wide rural area and it became necessary to establish a new church from the "parent church" of Ege. This church became St. John Bosco in Churubusco. Dedication ceremonies were held on April 13, 1958, in the former York Theater on Main Street which had been transformed into a place of worship.

Father Anthony Reszutek, the pastor at the time, choose the name for the new church because of the similarity in sound to the name of the town "Busco" and the heroic deeds of the saint himself. He was a Salesian who studied for the priesthood in New Jersey. He came to America and initially worked in the Austrian Embassy, went to war, came back and studied for the priesthood. Salesians are followers of St. John Bosco.

In July of 1970, Fr. Dennis Blank was appointed by Bishop Leo A. Pursley to the dual pastor-ship of Immaculate Conception and St. John Bosco. Late fall of 1970, a committee of parishioners and Father Blank met to set up the format and electoral procedures for the formation fo the first St. John Bosco Parish Council. By December of 1970, the Parish Council and their committees were formed.

After thirteen years, the membership had grown from 65 members to around 445 and the facilities were no longer adequate. The Parish Council began the process of purchasing the church and rectory of what was formerly known as the Faith United Methodist Church at 220 Main Street. The Parish as a whole indicated their preference to buy the above-mentioned property. Almost all of the redecorations were completed prior to moving into the new facilities. It was all done under the guidance of Fr. Blank. He was the first pastor to occupy the present rectory. Just to quote "Yes, the times are changing for St. John Bosco primarily due to the renewed spirit of ecumenism and participation by the pastor and parishioners of the parish. It has been hard and busy year but a fruitful one that has brought together the Parish of St. John Bosco. First Mass services will be held in the new church facility at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday, September 12, 1971. An open house will be observed after the services. Refreshments in the basement of the church. The rectory will be opened at this time so that those interested may tour all the facilities. St. John Bosco invites all to share at this time of joy." The former church (the York Theater) was redecorated and transformed into classrooms for grade school instruction in Christian Doctrine. The gas station situated next to the church was purchased and turned into the parking lot.

Father Camillo Tirabasi succeeded Fr. Blank on September 1, 1972. Father Camillo moved, Father James Seculoff was the Administrator of the parish from February 1978 until September of 1978 when Father Patrick Durkin was appointed Pastor. Father Donald Isenbarger succeeded Father Durkin on July 7, 1980. Father Isenbarger was ordained on May 3, 1955. Father Isenbarger was instrumental in the rebuilding of the Ege church after the fire and helped bring out its beauty with the help of the parishioners. He went to his eternal reward on October 31, 2005. Father Danney Pinto, succeeded Father Isenbarger on October 2, 1995. In August of 2016, Father Francis Chukwuma has taken over for Father Danney Pinto.

The parish of St. John Bosco continues to grow in faith and membership. The enthusiasm of that hardy pioneer who placed the first seed of the Catholic Faith in Ege over 147 years ago has continued to flourish and a spirit of ecumenism has prevailed.

With the grace of God and our patron and the help of the Finance Committee, we have a beautiful Church, renovated and modified to our present needs: decorated sanctuary with marble flooring and altar, newly painted cross and corpus; renovated choir loft; newly painted Stations of the Cross (helping to make the church look more Catholic); completely renovated basement; renovated Religious Ed Building; and a rectory with additional rooms for priest. St John Bosco - Thank you so much. May God bless our Parish and all the people who come here to worship.